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Images of Gleadless 3


War Memorial

Waiting at the Corner

Waiting at the Corner

In the 1950's.Buses routes 101 and 102 (later 105) came down the hill from Gleadless Town End. You needed good eyesight to spot the number, then sprint to the appropriate bus stop on Hollinsend Road or Ridgeway Road. You would not risk trying to catch the 63, top picture, as that was usually full at busy times. Good sport for young people, but even the fittest could be left waiting for the next bus on a misty morning by a bad-tempered bus driver in a hurry.

gleadless primary sch

Gleadless Primary school on Hollinsend Road. Called at various times Infant, Junior, First, Middle School, the school had parts added to it and beside it until finally a new building was constructed on the field on the opposite side of Hollinsend Road. Younger children stayed in the old building, and older children moved into the new building.

gleadless primary sch

cottage on hollinsend road

In the 1950s. These picturesque cottages were on Hollinsend Road near the junction with Ridgehill Avenue.

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